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What we do…

Adult Health & Fitness Today creates fitness pathways for older adults through group fitness programs, free streaming video on our website, and fitness program packages for facilities. 

The benefits for fitness participants:  

  • Life-long physical independence
  • Higher quality of life
  • Fewer falls and chronic illness
  • Better mental health
  • Health and wellness literacy
  • Lower healthcare costs

The benefits for facilities: 

  • Fund-able programming with benchmark systems for measuring and showing results. 
  • Balanced Living Program package includes video training (Online or DVD), group class leader training manual for lay staff or volunteer class leaders, participant exercise tracking worksheets, educational hand-outs, and on site turn-key implementation.   
  • Attractive, fun activities to attract
    new members, generate revenues and donations.
  • Healthier, happier community

Lifetime fitness

Why we do it

Trainers Mercedes, Eva & Jake

10,000 people turn 65 everyday. By 2030, over 20% of our population will be on Medicare. The estimated healthcare cost for a senior adult is $220,000 per year. Rising healthcare costs can be reduced through better health.

The National institutes of Health and American Heart Association recommend 30-60 minutes of moderate to rigorous exercise 3-5 times per week to stay healthy and to prevent injury and illness.

— Mercedes

ACE* Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
ACE* Certified Group Instructor (CGI) 

I’m a Senior! LIFE certified

*American Council on Exercise

Lifetime Fitness
For 50+ Years


Aging is technically the “lack of cellular regeneration.” By the time we are 45 years and older, we have been “degenerating” for 20 years or more. If I told you that what you eat can help make you younger, would you be interested? I am saying that you can turn back the clock with some regular exercise and healthier lifestyle choices. Are you interested?

We are the “big kids” now and this is our website, it’s dedicated to us.

Knowledge is power Get informed


The number one reason people don’t have a fitness routine is because they don’t know they need one! Our society promotes many things at a high level, but health and wellness for its people is sadly not one of them. We must educate ourselves! Find out how knees work before you decide on a treatment method. Be informed.  Find out what foods stimulate cellular growth – do what you can!

Yay — now work out!

Make a Plan
Tools and Roadmap


Be in control of what you can instead of freaking out. You are the boss of YOU and can choose to look however you want and be whatever you want. When we choose to control our personal destiny by safeguarding our health, we stand as an example for others and effect positive change.

AHFT will help you on the road to wellness with tools and a roadmap so your journey is direct and rewarding.  Don’t just make the change — live the change!

Especially for Seniors, but not just for seniors 

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Adult Health and Fitness Today grew from a series of exercise classes for Seniors at a community center in the Palm Springs area. Program Director, Mercedes Godfrey realized just how great the need for adult and senior exercise was and founded Adult Health & Fitness Today. We bring our programming to you in your home online and with live classes at our facility in Palm Desert, California. 

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Any information given by ADULT HEALTH & FITNESS TODAY staff, volunteers or other featured healthcare service providers, during an exercise or health education class

  • Should not be considered as advice for the diagnosis, management, treatment or prevention of any disease or disorder, and
  • Should not be offered in place of the recommendations, treatment or referral, by a physician or other medical expert

ADULT HEALTH & FITNESS TODAY shall not be held responsible for any liability, of any kind, resulting in the use of this video.

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