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About Adult Health & Fitness Today

Adult health & Fitness Today is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that promotes improved health and wellness for adults 45+.  We are funded through contributions from our members, philanthropic donations, foundation grants and public supported organizations.

Health and education is open to everyone at no charge. Show us your appreciation with a donation and by sharing us with friends and family. Tell us how much fun you’re having, how much better you feel, by sending us your comments, selfies and videos. We’d love to hear from you!

Our mission is to improve public health and wellness for adults by offering group exercise and education, promoting healthy aging, encouraging active lifestyle and insuring lifelong independence. Be Strong – Live Long!


“The development of AHFT’s fitness and nutrition programs”, says Executive Director/Program Designer, Mercedes Godfrey, “originated with a fitness related job at the Joslyn Senior Center.” This was the discovery point of older, unexpectedly fit people as well as others recovering from injury or illness and the “need” for more specific and accelerated senior fitness programs in our community. Over 5 years has been dedicated to developing varied levels of senior exercise and multiple topics, health education classes. The local need has become much larger and more specific, requiring programs for men and women. Pre-COVID-19, these classes were attended by more than 300 local seniors over a 2 year period. Classes ran Monday – Friday 6:am and 8:am making clear the need for more classes, more space and more professionals to provide all interested parties an opportunity to participate in healthy lifestyle choices.



Senior Scholarships in Fitness Training — We are adjusting this program to accommodate the Zoom video conferencing platform.
This program touches lives in a secondary manner and will impact not only those training for certification, but hundreds of other community seniors, who will now be able to regularly participate in fitness training. This program will provide opportunities for seniors, in study and training for the American Council on Exercise personal fitness training or group instructor certifications at no cost to the participants. AHFT will supply assistance in:
•  Applying, studying for and passing the supervised certification test to become licensed fitness trainers and group instructors.
•  On the job training, after certification. This is necessary for professional experience before working with the public.
•  Tutoring/Training delivered by an experienced, certified ACE personal fitness trainer or certified group instructor

After completing a one-year program, scholarship recipients can each volunteer to work with their peers at Adult Health & Fitness Today, or other fitness/senior facility. This directly increases the community impact and provides one measure of program success, program completion. Sponsoring education and certification to a few people, produces an “in kind” revenue with donated hours by the scholarship recipients. In turn it provides the community with professional health and fitness instruction at no cost.
Recipient: Eva Brown (Refer to our website for more on Eva. Check the “Home” page and AHFT Blogs “Trainer Profile”).

Balanced Living — Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle
This program consists of 20 pre-recorded exercise classes offered in two progressive levels, 40 sessions total. These videos, along with written materials (for PDF download) and an instructional manual will be provided offering step-by-step instruction on class facilitation.
•  Level 1: Get Moving series: intended for seniors that have difficulty standing and walking, to improve their capacity in performing the actions of daily living.
•  Level 2: Keep Going series: intended for seniors with normal mobility to maintain their ability to perform the actions of daily living

Implement Healthy New Behaviors — Participating regularly in a new fitness program is a positive behavior change.
Social Relationships and Health — Positive personal relationships and social support affect health. Enhancing social support through befriending and confiding in classmates and staff members.
The Mind and Health — Mind Muscle connection – get back in touch with our bodies through exercise and nutrition – be aware of our movements and surroundings
Stress and Emotional Health — Physical exercise and better nutrition facilitate less stress, more positive emotions and fewer mood swings and in general better living
Diet and Nutrition — Functions of food: bodily growth/atrophy, energy/toxic, mental effects (social, habit, mind altering, fun, taste, etc.) Energy content of foods; functions of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and WATER.

After regular participation, 2-4 classes per week students should:
•  Have More Energy: Endurance or aerobic activities increase your breathing and heart rate.
•  Make Muscles Stronger: Keep using your muscles. Strength exercises build muscles.
•  Improve Balance: You are less likely to fall when your leg, hip and core muscles are strong.
•  More Flexibility: Stretching exercises can improve flexibility.

Emphasis on increased activity, upbeat attitudes, and new behaviors will contribute to healthy individual and lifestyles.



We’ve done our homework and we know we can make an impact. We know we can improve the quality of life for Americans over 45. Documented Studies by Adult health & Fitness Today supporting the need for and impact of our healthy lifestyle programs – Balanced Living, Make More Muscle and Let’s Get Started: all strength training, nutrition and lifestyle classes that can be performed multiple times weekly.

  • Documented Program Outcomes: Program evaluation and report in collaboration with HARC Data, “Stay Strong Live Long; The Impact of Strength Training and Healthy Lifestyle Choices on Adults 50+”. Download full report.
  • Secondary Data Analysis ofMedicare costs. Download full report.



Mercedes Godfrey

Mercedes Godfrey

Executive Director

30 years business owner/manager, certified ACE personal trainer and group instructor, nonprofit health and fitness experience

Barry Messinger, Esq.

Barry Messinger, Esq.


Entertainment Attorney

Linda Rider

Linda Rider


Retired office/payroll/account manager (25yrs. 46 stores), philanthropist (current), experienced board member

Di Whitcliff

Di Whitcliff


U.S. Army Retired Colonel — Registered Nurse with 20 years military service; Director of Central District Health, Boise Idaho.U.S. Army Retired Colonel — Registered Nurse with 20 years military service; Director of Central District Health, Boise Idaho.

Linda Simmons

Linda Simmons

Corporate Secretary

Retired registered nurse, nonprofit consultant, experienced board member/officer

Cam Anderson

Cam Anderson


Retired Riverside County Sheriff (first woman deputy in Riverside County, retired), 20 years owner/operator of property management company, retired






(Left to right) Linda Simmons, Operations and Business Development; Cathy Teal, Marketing and Communications; Mercedes Godfrey, Executive Director and Program Development




Reports and Accomplishments

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