Adult health & Fitness Today is a nonprofit organization that promotes improved health and wellness for adults 45+.

AHFT will provide the community with health and wellness classes including exercise and health information, that can be found on our website or live at our facility when restrictions lift. a. Classes include: exercise (various types and levels), nutrition and healthy lifestyle. b. Activities include: online and technology training. (basic laptop use – Google, Zoom and smartphone understanding) c. Information includes: health/wellness, fitness and nutrition from reputable health and wellness sources.

Licensed and experienced health care professionals will lead/teach these classes. a. Licensed, experienced fitness trainers to lead exercise classes b. Qualified health care/medical community professionals (i.e.: doctors, nutritionists) to teach classes in their area of expertise and provide relevant information.

These activities will be conducted twice each day live and available 24/7 on our website Monday through Thursday with 10 per class to start.

These activities will occur in an AHFT sponsored facility and on our website

We will improve the community’s health and wellness by offering: a space where individual community members have opportunities for: a. Regular exercise b. Relevant health/wellness classes and information c. Social interaction