Find your starting point

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“Find Your Starting Point” Activity Log: Find 2 week days and 1 weekend day, to write down: what physical activities are you participating in, how much time you spend on these activities, and new ways to increase the “value” of these activities. “Increased Value” is the goal.

Let’s review what we’ve learned so far…

  • Class 1: “Stay Young with Exercise and Nutrition”                                                                                              The aging process simply stated, is a decrease in the volume and frequency of human cell regeneration over time. Ex: regeneration – a new healthy cell takes the place of a failing cell.
  • Class 2: “Muscular Reparation and Regeneration”                                                                                               Increasing muscle tissue and strengthening bones with exercise and nutrition causes core stability, mind muscle connection and balanced posture.
  • Class 3: “Prevent or Improve Type II Diabetes”                                                                                                      Type II Diabetes is the body’s resistance to insulin over time. Insulin helps your body turn blood sugar (glucose) into energy so our systems can use it for fuel.
  • Class 4: “Prevent or Control Hypertension”                                                                                                            High blood pressure means the pressure inside the blood vessels (called arteries) is too high. As the heart pumps against this pressure, it must work harder. Over time, this causes the heart muscle to thicken.