The aging process simply stated, is a decrease in the volume and frequency of human cell regeneration over time. (regeneration – a new healthy cell takes the place of a failing cell) Human cells have a limited lifespan of productivity and begin to fail over time. They are then replaced by fresh productive cells.

Childhood: cellular growth is 2 to 1 over those that fail, stimulating the body to physically grow and mature. There is more rapid cellular increase at birth slowly decreasing over time.

Early Adulthood: cellular growth levels off to an even replacement value (1 to 1), halting the increase of height and fundamental size.

Later Adulthood: cellular depletion increases as growth declines causing muscle and bone to lose strength and then function. Death occurs when cellular growth has completely discontinued.

Exercise and healthy nutrition can stimulate “later life” cellular regeneration and actually reverse the aging process with long term, healthy life style choices and personal dedication to physical fitness.

  1. putting stress on bone and muscle tissue through strength training (muscle building exercises)
  2. moderate aerobic conditioning, causes increased bone density and strengthened cardiovascular (heart and lung) function.

Bodily Response to Exercise:

  • Bone adapts to greater physical demands by increasing its density and strength to accommodate these new requirements.
  • Muscle Tissue adapts to greater physical demands with tiny micro-tears in the muscle itself.
  • During recovery these micro-tears fill in with nutritionally provided protein (amino acids), increasing the size of the muscle and producing more strength.

By encouraging these adaptations of bone and muscle through increased demands on bodily performance (exercise and physical activity), we increase cellular growth and slow down the aging process.
– Mercedes Godfrey, June 16 2019