Our Mission:

Our mission is to improve public health and wellness for adults by offering group exercise and education, promoting healthy aging, encouraging active lifestyle and insuring lifelong independence. Be Strong – Live Long!

Our Values:

Integrity – We are dedicated to providing top quality services with honest, equitable consideration of members and staff. Commitment to Members – Maintain classes and activities specifically relevant to club members, at a price below retail market value.

Reliability – in quality and availability of services

Teamwork – Commitment to and interaction with other people instills friendships, alliances and a better chance of long-term participation.

Fun – Enjoying life helps all things last longer and everyone be stronger.


Our vision is to provide multiple, daily exercise and health education classes, online and live at our facility, to hundreds of adults 45+ here in the Coachella Valley and online, across the country. By improving the health and wellness of our community and others throughout California and the USA, we can lower healthcare costs to the states and ourselves, securing our healthcare future by staying fit. “TEAM” is our motto – health, happiness and “UNITY” in the community is our goal.

With donations from: the general public, city/state organizations and private foundations that grant senior funding, we can offer daily classes and activities for a l low fee or free. Regular exercise and information on healthy living, will improve the overall h health and wellness of our community