“You can’t really control how the world is going to treat you, but you can control how you treat yourself.”

I remember after my first child was born & I was trying to get back in shape. It was how I got started in exercise classes. I’d attend classes at local high schools or the YMCA. I also did classes on TV from a husband and wife team -The Body Buddies and of course Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons. As long as the exercise class had music and a group — I was there.

The heaviest weight at the gym is the front door. – Eva Brown, 2018

My workout and fitness points that cannot go unmentioned are:

  1. It has to be a definite part of your daily routine – a list item
  2. Something you really, really like to do – for me dance & music
  3. Timing – when you’re at your daily best – for me, that’s morning
  4. Convenient location to practice your workout
  5. Will you work out with friends or alone

I want to be fit like my Mom – at 88 years old she was able to dance & loved it; she could still get down to the floor, give herself a pedicure and get up from the floor!!!

Take a step – Exercise —Eva Brown, 2019

Fortunately for me I have always like to dance and exercise. I did not have formal dance lessons as a child, so I learned a lot from watching TV dance shows like American Bandstand & Soul Train. I’d put together dance routines for my sister and I. My childhood dream was to be a NY Rockette dancer or a June Taylor dancer!!! Anyway, here I am – happy to be kicking it here in the desert. Then I retired to the desert in 2004 and got started in Jazzercise and the Joslyn exercise classes. The rest is history