“You must do the thing you think you cannot do” – Elenore Roosevelt

Life is a challenge everyday – if you don’t simply give it a go you may never get going. I believe in making life count thought out the years, and making an ongoing contribution to those I love. “Push boundaries, think big, touch lives and change the world.” – Mercedes Godfrey, 2019

We must think for ourselves and find our own reason to do the things we do.

These are the top 5 points about workout/fitness that I feel are crucial to long-term health and wellness:

  1. Maintaining healthy body tissue composition and bone integrity for a lifetime.
  2. Strong in body and character
  3. Care about your body while it’s still in good shape.
  4.  Never too late to get started – regain and maintain
  5. Do what it takes cause there is no good reason not to

“The deal is…without exercise there will soon be nothing.” – Mercedes Godfrey, 2020

I started my fitness journey when I was 50 years old. I had been thin and fit for my lifetime but had trouble when my hormones changed. I got super skinny and sad, something had to be done or I might die. I found a trainer that focused on building muscle and started my journey to health and wellness I love coaching because it keeps me connected with where I’ve been, and aware of where I’m going. I love my muscles because they help me feel strong and confident in a scary world!

As a person in the “senior” age group, it is now or never to get fit and be prepared to enjoy the rest of my healthy existence!

“Are you a gallant warrior or a sad victim?” – Mercedes Godfrey, 2018