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Knowledge is Power


Getting started on the road to health & fitness seems so hard, and restarting your fitness routine almost impossible!

Tips from a trainer or participation in a well-organized exercise _class – will give you the tools you need and a road map for a successful journey.


Organized Exercise Classes for Everyone

Participating in organized exercise classes is a great way to make improvements in your personal fitness. Our experienced professionals deliver exercise classes that are Safe and effective.

  • LET’S GET STARTED classes are especially for those who would like to start or re-start a personal fitness program.
  • MAKE MORE MUSCLES (M3) classes are for anyone who can stand up and move normally. This series of classes include cardio conditioning with strength training.


 Try a trainer today!

Having a personal trainer explain the principles of health and fitness will accelerate your physical improvement and enhance the “getting started” experience.

Our trainers will help you with training sessions on core or cardio conditioning; arms and abs; or quads and glutes. Understand how muscles work and how we can work with them to improve the quality of our lives.

If you have specific questions about any particular issues you may have, or any of the personal training video sessions, email us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


Knowledge Is Power
Make Healthier Choices

Understanding how our bodies function and how we can preserve physical integrity for a lifetime, is not terribly important to most people. But, that’s nuts because it affects us all. For that reason, we are launching a movement — Think for Yourself!

With the right tools and a roadmap, you can go far and achieve much. We have blogs and vlogs containing information on health and wellness topics as well as exercise. Find out how to alleviate lower back pain with exercise and what to eat to increase muscle.

“The deal is… without exercise there is no quality of life.”

— Mercedes Godfrey

Those that do

Shared Success Stories

“I feel better, I look better, I love, love, love my program!”

69-year-old Velma brings friends and family members to class on a regular basis. Her enthusiasm is contagious! It’s her “get it done”attitude that _makes Velma a natural leader. This is the enthusiasm of a true workout warrior!

“We’re like a family and we do love Mercedes.”

75-year-old Barry (left) has less back pain and more flexibility after a year of regular exercise classes. Best friends Don (center) and Bob (right) are both 85 years old. Don has participated in group exercise for a little over a year and lost 20 lbs. Don says he has made both muscle and new friends. Bob wonders what would have happened had he not started exercising.

“I started taking an exercise _class after having 3 strokes.”

“I started taking an exercise class after having 3 strokes” says 63-year-old Juan. “Being in a class keeps me structured and personally committed. I have always been involved in some kind of fitness _class or activity, probably why I have lived do long” laughs 92-year-old Marilyn. “I seem to have better lifestyle habits when I’m involved in a formal exercise program.”

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